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Marriage and the Public Good - Ten Principles
The Witherspoon Institute

Marriage serves children, women, men, and the common good. The health of marriage is particularly important in a free society, which depends upon citizens to govern their private lives and rear their children responsibly, so as to limit the scope, size, and power of the state. The nation's retreat from marriage has been particularly consequential for our society's most vulnerable communities: minorities and the poor pay a disproportionately heavy price when marriage declines in their communities. Marriage also offers men and women as spouses a good they can have in no other way: a mutual and complete giving of the self. Thus, marriage understood as the enduring union of husband and wife is both a good in itself and also advances the public interest.


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Lessons On Liberty
By Dr. Peter A. Lillback and Judy Mitchell

Designed for all ages and packed with colorful illustrations, this entertaining and educational hardcover book uses a simple alphabet poem to guide the reader through the fundamental principles of American liberty. Incorporating early 19th century dictionary definitions and enhanced graphics, Bible quotations and Poor Richard's Almanack, this engaging book adds powerful historic quotes, surprising facts, and truths about our nation's founding to excite young and old about our country - this beacon of liberty for the world.

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Proclaiming The Word Bible Study Guide
By Dr. Peter A. Lillback
Photographs by Judy Mitchell

God has revealed Himself to us in the things he has made and in the Scriptures. To help you better understand the Word of God, Dr. Lillback has written the Proclaiming The Word Bible Study Guide. Using charts, timelines and summaries of the books of the Bible, this beautifully designed guide will bring joy to your heart as you explore the inspired and infallible Word of God. There's even a special section devoted to finding Christ in all the Scriptures.  

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10-pack: outfit your small group or Bible study!  


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Proclaim Liberty: A Broken Bell Rings Freedom to the World
By Dr. Peter A. Lillback

In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of William Penn's Charter Of Privileges in 2001, Providence Forum Press released this 122-page book. It's the exciting story of America's beloved Liberty Bell. But more than that, it is the story of America's experience of religious and civil liberty. Written in a narrative form, this book explains how the Liberty Bell has become the world-wide symbol of mankind's aspiration for freedom from the tyranny of repressive governments.


Freedom's Holy Light: With A Firm Reliance On Divine Providence
By Dr. Peter A. Lillback

 In just under 40 pages, Dr. Lillback recaps America's Judeo-Christian heritage in its foundations and ongoing development. Re-discover facts you've forgotten or may have never known about The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Great Seal, and more. When George Washington officially proclaimed a Day Of Thanksgiving in 1789, he said "It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God...and humbly to implore His protection and favor."

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