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As The Lord Leads
Proclaiming The
Word with Dr. Peter Lillback is taking a well-earned sabbatical while reorganizing under new leadership and concentrating on it's Internet presence for future distribution, rather than broadcast radio. In the meantime, several years of Dr. Lillback’s radio messages are available 24/7 for listening or download in the LIBRARY.

While we may not proceed along exactly the same path, Proclaiming the Word Ministries considers the work of Dr. John Piper and the ministry of Desiring God to be high on the list of possible ways to reorganize with a continuing audio ministry distributed from our website only.

We have also been greatly blessed to have been enabled to produce 20 half-hour video versions of Proclaiming The Word TV, with personal teaching by Dr. Lillback, all of which may be viewed here via the VIDEO menu.

Should The Lord grant us the opportunity to continue this video ministry, we will announce it here on our NEWS pages. Also, if you'd like to examine for yourself why Dr. Piper and Desiring God made the wide-ranging decision to cease broadcasting on terrestrial radio, read the following well-researched article on their website desiringgod.org.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and financial support over the past nine years. If the Lord so leads you, we hope you’ll continue to contribute financially to the ministry of Dr. Peter Lillback and Proclaiming the Word, by means of the DONATE button on our home page.

Praise The Lord!
The long-awaited audiobook version of Dr. Peter Lillback's groundbreaking book, Wall of Misconception has been released and is currently available for purchase through our sister ministry The Providence Forum! Click here for more...

...and, sometime next year, Dr. Lillback hopes to complete a condensed version of his award-winning book, George Washington's Sacred Fire. Call for information 1-866-55-FORUM.

In Other News
Westminster Theological Seminary has put together a website providing a balanced assessment of the recent movie Angels and Demons, based on the book by Dan Brown. The website is The Truth About Angels and Demons, and it's in conjunction with the former website The Truth About Da Vinci. These sites provides Biblical responses to some of the most pressing issues of the books and movies. If you have a friend or relative who takes these distortions of truth seriously, or want to arm yourself with some irrefutable facts, visit one or both of these sites today.

Keep checking in, and thanks for your faithful prayers and support!



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